Happy birthday clown meme

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What is that happy birthday clown meme?

Internet mem or happy birthday clown meme is some information created as a media object.It is an object created by electronic means of communication, a phrase, concept or occupation, as a rule, witty and ironic. happy birthday clown meme can spontaneously gain popularity and spread on the Internet.

happy birthday clown meme is used in social networks, forums, blogs, instant messengers, etc.
happy birthday clown meme refers to the kind of information that is spontaneously distributed.

Historical aspects

Historically, meme as a term came into use in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century. Memes can be of various subjects, including happy birthday clown meme.

It can be considered both words and images. In other words, these are any statements, pictures, video or sound series that have a meaning on a given topic and are steadily spread on the World Wide Web.

Mem was first used by Oxford professor Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene in 1976, which became a classic. Journalists writing about the Internet quickly drew a parallel between the spontaneously gaining popularity of information and the theory of Dawkins about the memetic presented to them in the book. In it, he extrapolates to the information environment the concept of genetics and calls the “meme” a “unit of cultural information” capable of “multiplying”. It should be noted that at first the word “meme” was translated as “mime” in accordance with the rules of the English pronunciation of the word meme [3]. Moreover, Dawkins himself formed the term meme (mime) from the Greek word.

The writer Michael Flynn in the novel “In the Country of the Blind” calls a common phrase or idea that can become historically significant as a meme:

“You see, ideas are the keys to everything.” Ideas – we call them “memes” – control peoples conscious behavior in the same way that genes control their instincts.